Featured Artists

Angela Mia De La Vega


Angela graduated Summa Cum Laude from Clarion University of Pennsylvania, and completed post-graduate studies at the University of Madrid, Spain. She is a member of the National Sculpture Society, and a Signature member of American Women Artists (AWA).

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Angela was named Living Master by the internationally prestigious Art Renewal Center (ARC). Her work has been recognized with several major awards, including Best in Show and Best 3D Work from the AWA, and the Purchase Award from the ARC Museum.


Angela's sculptures are installed in numerous universities, hospitals, public parks and city plazas country-wide, and are privately collected throughout Canada, Europe, Australia, Dubai, India and Japan.


Lift Her With Butterflies

32"h x 9"w x 17"d


Liana Yarckin

Liana received her first set of watercolors from her aunt at age four; as a youth she developed an obsession with drawing floor plans of homes. Art has always been part of her life, which led to the study Architecture at Texas A&M University.


Liana’s passion for watercolors led to her painting for the last fifteen years, during which time she earned Signature Status from the Southwestern Watercolor Society.


Liana’s work is shown in galleries, local art shows, and online. More than 50 of her paintings have been printed on greeting cards, which are sold nationwide.

Aqua and Gold Butterflies

10"X 10"


Tammy Lynne Penn

Fire and Ice
26”h x 22"w


Tammy has always felt a strong bond with animals and worked to recreate that feeling in art.  Her sculptures represent our connection to  animals by capturing not only their images, but their spirits, as well. 


Tammy developed her signature style utilizing different techniques and media. She enjoys exploring the strengths of each medium in which she sculpts: the freedom and spontaneity of raku fired clay, the strength and precision of bronze, the luminosity and intrigue of crystal.


Tammy’s work is found in private, corporate and museum collections in the US, Europe and Japan.

Shayema Rahim

As a young child in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Shayema's parents nurtured her natural talents as a singer and painter.  Shayema studied at Zia’s Art Institute in Dhaka, where she learned to channel the country’s rich culture and traditions through her art. For Shayema, painting was a creative outlet and a way to communicate.


Shayema constantly explores the spectrum of colors found in nature, and creates patterns and rhythms that serve to catalyze emotions. She hopes her art can play a small role in the viewer’s personal development and life journey. Shayema's dream is to use her art and the sensations it evokes to empower women to rise above victimization and become their own heroines.

Shayema 1.2.png

Blue Savannah

24"x 24"


Suzanne Dalton

Dalton Up and Away.png

Heart of Gold

24"w x 36"h


Suzanne Dalton discovered a passion for painting while living as an expat in Paris. She enrolled in an art class with friends while their children were at school, and it opened a whole new world to her.


Suzanne's approach to her landscapes and figure paintings is to find a deeper connection with her subject matter, and convey that to the viewer. She continually strives to provoke an emotional response to her work. 


Her paintings are influenced by the places she has lived. Raised in Cleveland, Ohio, she has lived in Los Angeles, Milan, Paris and, most recently, in Dallas.She continues to engage in immersive travel to gain fresh perspective and inspiration for her work.