Our Story

It started with a dream.


The strength of self-esteem. The power of expression. The beauty of love.

The freedom to magnify all three is FLITE’s mantra, its spirit, its dream.

The dream was born from the Founders’ beliefs that everyone has unique gifts and talents.

For many individuals, however, life’s experiences can be immensely painful and restricting. 


Like a butterfly, a person’s creative talents are waiting to emerge from a cocoon, to be nurtured.

       When an artist’s potential is allowed to develop and mature, they then possess the power to reach           beyond themselves, to cross any border, to be understood in any language. They can then truly touch the                                                                  lives of others.

     FLITE’S founders searched for ways to assist and empower individuals struggling with many different

                 issues, and realized that their vision could best be accomplished through art.

      The many facets of art are uniquely capable of providing people with the opportunity to reflect, build

                             self-esteem, and project their personal perspectives outward. 

              The result is a source of freedom and engagement, for both the creator and the observer.

                            With this goal, the vision of FLITE’s founders took off in 2015.

 As the cocoons mature, and the butterflies are nurtured, the dream becomes reality.

We believe that everyone deserves happiness and personal freedom regardless of age, gender or ethnicity.

Our Mission

To promote art as a vehicle to raise funds, focus awareness, and facilitate actions to assist in the social transformation and continuing development of those in need.

Joyful Empowerment scultpure

Our Vision

To be the premier forum of artistic expression; using it to empower enslaved, marginalized or socially excluded people.

Please help us lift others up!