Event Sponsors

The 2021 Art of Freedom show is pleased to acknowledge the support of our wonderful Sponsors!

Michelangelo Title Sponsors -  $15,000

Mary Beth & Jeff Miller

Van Gogh Sponsors -  $5,000

Dr. Matula & Max Adams

Mark Esposito

WOODCOTE_2015_LOGO_2500 PS.png
Blind Depot logo.png
Haring Sponsors -  $2,500

Liliana & Scott Larson

Anne & Scott Richardson

Healing Scarred Hearts

Dorota & Todd Baird

Oldham Sponsors -  $1000

Dr. Stephanie Hall

Form 3D Foundry logo PS.png
FORM 3-D Foundry
O'Keefe Sponsors -  $500

Rhonda Sargent Chambers

Yvette Grove

Karen & Dean Zurmely

Angela & costel Goga

Carla Whitehead

First United Morgage logo PS.png

Ines Hermoso

Rodin Sponsors -  $250

Adiana Vega

Melany White

Amelia Stotland

Thomas McNeely

Tracy Nix

Laura & Greg Koonsman