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Call to Artists



Whatever your medium – music, painting, sculpture, photography, your art can heal and transform.
As artists who know well the challenges of showcasing, we have an impactful platform available for you.  
We invite you to harness your power of artistic expression for a wonderful, rewarding cause: become a
FLITE artist!


At FLITE, we believe in art as the driving force of social change. Each year, we welcome artists to contribute their work, and to receive wide exposure while benefiting worthy causes. Artists are invited to submit pieces of their work to be reviewed by our Board of Directors. After the review, a number of items will then be offered for sale at our Annual Fundraiser.

We partner with various organizations to raise awareness and funding for the myriad people who need support and care. The sale of your artwork will finance the organization's objectives to affect positive change locally, nationally and globally.

Please join our community of Friends Lifting Individuals To Empowerment!


Suggested Prompts for Art Creation


Submission Guidelines

  • Individual files should be no larger than1MB. 

  • No more than three individual files per submission (one submission per artist).​​

  • IMPORTANT - Please include name of artist and title of the artwork in the file name. 
    Example: JonesSleepyDog​.jpg

  • Please include all contact details.

  • The fundraiser is a family-friendly event; so, please consider submitting work appropriate for all audiences.

  • The average price range for artwork purchased in previous shows was $100 - $1000.

  • FLITE artists may donate the full sale price of their work, or keep a maximum commission of up to 50% of the sale price.


  • Entries accepted August 1 - September 24, 2021. Please check back or Subscribe for updates.