Aid to Ukrainian Orphans

$27,000 Challenge!

Orphaned Ukrainian Children Are In Jeopardy!

The Polish Government has set up a massive reception facility near the Ukrainian border to assist the thousands of orphaned refugee children fleeing from Putin and his Russian invaders.

FLITE, having a family connection to that Polish city of Stalowa Wola, witnessed that amazing effort and decided to get involved by making a direct donation of $27,000 to the city treasury! 

"If you see a good fight, get in it,"  Rev. Vernon Johns


Then, in response to the almost overwhelming requests from friends and associates hoping to get into this fight, we have recently set up a


$27,000 Matching Challenge to Aid the Ukrainian Orphans!

Starting now, you can donate to us and receive a receipt for a 100% Tax Deduction due to our non-profit status. We will then shepherd the funds, as we have done with our first donation, direct to the treasury of Stalowa Wola to be utilized solely for the orphan project. It's a fantastic way to donate to this important cause and be able to see real results of your donation.

Follow the First Lady of Poland as she visits the Rest Site in Stalowa Wola and facilitates transport of orphans with critical challenges to special medical facilities in Germany.

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"Ukrainians have entrusted us with their greatest treasure,"

Lujusz Nadbereżny, President of Stalowa Wola

Our Challenge

To use our established non-profit status and ability to muster forces to raise funds that will provide real, timely aid to the city of Stalowa Wola as it struggles to support the thousands of refugee orphans streaming across the Ukrainian border.


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Our Response

As of May 3, we have sent $20,000!


Recently posted to the Stolowa website:

The mayor of the city of Stalowa Wola ,

Lucius Nadbereżny , together with the local government of the city of Stalowa Wola, would

like to express their deep gratitude to the

"Flite to Freedom Foundation"

from the United States for a great gift of heart for refugees from Ukraine residing in Stalowa Wola. The donation of funds in the amount of over PLN 100,000 is a proof of great sensitivity to the harm of other people and brotherhood in difficult war times.

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FLITE to Freedom is a non-profit organization as defined by Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.Your donation is tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law, IRS EIN: 47-3352261.

Please help us make a difference!