At FLITE, we work to develop awareness and the beauty of art as the driving force of social change. We believe that inspired and inspirational artistic expression have the power to empower people all over the world in realizing their uniqueness as individuals. With this freedom, they can express their talents and gifts to the global community at-large.


FLITE collaborates with various organizations whose missions align with our strategy and we finance their projects focused on the empowerment of people in need around the globe. 


FLITE supports one or more non-profits per year that align with our mission. In 2015, our inaugural year, FLITE supported Operation Mobilization, designating funds to their program working to free enslaved Dalit women and children in India. In 2016, FLITE partnered with Dallas Mosaic Family Services that provides culturally and linguistically competent services to refugees and immigrants in crisis.



Operation Mobilization (OM) India's Dalit Work

A Chinese proverb says, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” The same truth applies to a woman. OM India’s development wing, OMIF, is applying this principle to its Economic Development Initiatives. Hundreds of Dalit women have become successful small-scale business entrepreneurs because of the program. Although they may be illiterate, these women are rich in wisdom, grit, and determination. They have proved that they have the skills to run a viable business and earn enough profits to lead a dignified life.


The Dalits are one of India’s lowest status communities, often called the untouchables. However, OMIF’s Self Help Groups (SHG) are reaching out to the desperately poor women, and through training, they are grasping basic financial concepts, saving money and contributing to SHG’s collective fund. They can then become eligible for personal loans. One Dalit woman used her loan to buy her husband a three-wheeled taxi. Almost immediately he began to earn a better income, and she quickly repaid the loan. She then qualified for another loan to open her own tailoring shop, This scenario is being replicated among hundreds of Dalit women.


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