Dr. Matula Adams - on the Front Line

One of our board members, Dr. Matula Adams, has been completing her residency in New York. 

Today, she finds herself on the front lines working long shifts battling the Coronavirus. She, along with her courageous co-workers, works at risk. Exhausted and in need of basic safety equipment in the ER and ICU, she has called for prayers - and compliance with all the safety measures called for by our leaders and medical professionals. We encourage you to listen to Matula's story. We have recorded and edited her message - the six-minute audio has inspired us all.

From our Board Member profiles: Dr. Matula Adams

Born in Athens Greece, she completed Medical School which was always her life dream. She worked in France in brain mapping while a student and did clinical rotations in surgery, particularly in transplant in Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital. Matula was recruited from the NIH, department of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases where she did a post doctorate fellowship. She is currently working on her Medical Certification process, is ECFMG certified and waiting to start her residency in the near future (see above for update). Matula is a volunteer in local nonprofit clinics and at doctors’ offices when she is needed. Also passionate about art, she resides in Dallas with her husband and their children.



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