Emerging Artists

Alexa De La Vega

Alexa is a recent graduate from UT Austin with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and minors in

Biology and Statistics. She is currently working at UT Southwestern Cancer Center’s Genetics

Counseling Clinic. An active member of UT Women in Psychology which addresses multicultural

current events in Psychology, Alexa plans on continuing her education in Genetics through a

university graduate program next year.

Alexa enjoys painting, traveling, dance, and teaching and mentoring children.

Untitled 1
Acrylic paint and copper leaf on canvas
20” x 20”

Untitled 2
Acrylic paint and gold leaf on canvas
20” x 20”

Rogelio De Santiago

Since a very young age, Rogelio has had a love for all forms of art. He is self-taught and in the last few years has started to work with oil paintings. Other forms of work include acrylic paints, watercolors, and graphite.

After graduating from Skyline High School and studying graphic design during those years, Rogelio has continued to master his craft since. He really captures what he is feeling and expresses ideas through his art.

 “A Mother’s Will”

Oil on canvas,  

24” x 18”

$675  SOLD

Grace Goth

A native Coloradoan and recent high school graduate, Grace Goth currently studies at Kansas City Art Institute. Grace is a multimedia artist, dabbling in many different mediums, and enjoys sculpture, fiber art, and woodworking, as well as digital art. She is a Rotary Club scholarship recipient, received a Gold Key Portfolio in the 2018 Scholastic Art contest, earned a 2nd place award in the 2017 Martin Luther King Art Contest, and had a piece selected to be shown in the 2017 Colorado 2nd Congressional district Art Show. The central ideas in her work stems from her lifelong love of nature and her childhood fascination with the fantastical. Her goal in this series of pieces is to show the humanity inherent in such creatures by portraying the humanoid among them, and thus evoke a feeling of empathy, particularly through the use of photography as background to draw these creatures into our reality in order to make them something more tangible in the mind of the viewer. The duality between the mundane and mythic is meant to exemplify our impact on nature, and remind us of our encroachment into the natural habitats of creatures here before us.

dimensions-  16" x 20"
material- stretched canvas 
price- $250

Sylvan Barbarian
dimensions- 12" x 16"
material- gloss photo paper
price- $125

Aquatic Druid
dimensions- 12" x 16"
material- gloss photo paper
price- $125


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