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Angela graduated Summa Cum Laude from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and completed post-graduate studies at the University of Madrid, Spain. She is a member of the National Sculpture Society, a Signature member of American Women Artists, and was named a Living Master by the internationally prestigious ARC (Art Renewal Center). Major awards include Best in Show and Best 3D Work by AWA and The Purchase Award by the ARC museum. Her sculptures are installed in numerous universities, hospitals, public parks and city plazas throughout the USA and privately collected throughout Canada, Europe, Australia, Dubai, India, and Japan.


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Angela Mia De La Vega NSS, AWA, ARCLM

"Bloom" Mini Bronze limited ed.

24"h x 8"w x 7"d


"Bloom" Half-life-Size Bronze Limited ed 45.

35"h x 12"w x 11"d


"I am Superman"

Bronze Limited Ed 150

13"h x 6.75"w x 6.25"d


"Joyful Empowerment" One third life size

Bronze Limited Ed 50

30"h x 11"w x 11"d


"Lift Her With Butterflies" Half-Life-Size

Bronze Limited Ed 45.

32"h x 9"w x 17"d


"Lift Her With Butterflies" Mini

Bronze Limited Ed 75.

19"h x 4.5"w x 8.5"d


"Joyful" Mini

Bronze Limited Ed 150

12"h x 9"w x 4"d


"Rising Butterfly"



Liana Yarckin, Fine Artist

From receiving her first set of watercolors from her aunt when she was four to being obsessed with drawing floor plans of homes in her youth, art has always been part of Liana’s life. Liana’s love of drawing and design led her to study architecture at Texas A&M University. There, her passion for art, architecture, and life grew, especially, on a study abroad program to Italy.

Liana’s career in architecture and interior design have provided her with extensive experience in color, composition, and design which she now applies to her art.  Due to her husband’s encouragement, Liana discovered her passion for watercolors and has been painting for the last 15 years years and has earned Signature Status in the Southwestern Watercolor Society.


Her love for the beach, architecture and nature is evident in her choices of subject matter.  Liana’s watercolors are consistently bright and cheerful with clean transparent color. She continues to grow as an artist by exploring new techniques and being an active participant in competitions. She is involved with arts in the community as a member of local art associations, community demonstrations and art boards. Liana teaches watercolor classes at the Dallas Arboretum and in her gallery/classroom.


Liana shows and sells her artwork in galleries, local art shows and online.  She accepts commissions for children’s portraits and home portraits.  These commissions along with commercial commissioned works can be seen collectively on the Internet. Additionally, over 50 of her paintings have been printed on greeting cards, which are sold successfully nationwide.


Website:  Contact:

Blog:  Instagram: lianayarckinartist

"Butterfly Kaleidoscope Pink"



"Butterfly Kaleidoscope V"



"Butterfly Kaleidoscope III"



"Aqua and Gold Butterflies"

10"X 10"


"Morning with Butterflies"



"Pink and Gold Butterflies"



Tammy Lynne Penn

Tammy has always felt a strong bond with animals and aimed to recreate that feeling in art.  Drawing on a variety of life experiences and sculpting workshops, Tammy developed her own signature style utilizing different techniques and mediums to create sculpture representing our interconnectedness with animals and capturing not only their images, but also their spirits. 


Tammy enjoys exploring the strengths of each medium she sculpts in – the freedom and spontaneity of raku fired clay, the strength and precision of bronze, the luminosity and intrigue of crystal – and complementing their weaknesses with the strengths of the others. 


Tammy’s work is found in private, corporate and museum collections in the US, Europe and Japan.

Together We Fly
32”h x 26W
Aluminum and bronze edition of 17 (total)


"What inspired me to sculpt this piece is my desire to share the feeling I have when I gallop my horses across the fields.  It really is a feeling of flight.  My vision for this sculpture, before I started it, was of a powerful, yet graceful horse, elevated on only hind legs and tail touching the ground, as if taking flight.  He needed to have a good confirmation, a kind eye and fire in the heart; but not wild and out of control. I wanted the woman to project a feeling of strength; yet still very feminine.  To give the piece a feeling of flight, I added the feathered/fringe shawl…so at a distance, you almost think you see a Pegasus in “Together We Fly”."

But I Love Stilettos!
15”h x 18W
Bronze edition of 17 (total)

Juried into the 2013 Art Show at the Dog Show
10 week old mini long hair Dachshund, begging to not give up his favorite toy!


Little Diva
18”h x 12W
Bronze edition of 17 

Life-size sculpture portrait of an Italian Greyhound champion and movie star,
“Ch Diavolino’s Impression D’Ankhu”
Co-starring in MGM movie “Good Boy”
- Added to the permanent collection of the AKC Museum of the Dog
- Best in Show, 23rd Annual Juried Art show at the Dog Show, Wichita, KS, 2009
- Awarded Juror Position for 24th Annual Art Show at the Dog Show in 2010
- First Place Three Dimensional Art awarded by Southwest Art Magazine Women 
     Artists’ of the West show, 2009.
- Various patinas available


Fire and Ice
26”h x 22L
Bronze & Crystal

Ed. of 15 

Thoroughbred filly in a full gallop.
She is mounted on a iceberg shaped base cast in crystal (or can be based on a wood base for $4,000 sale price instead of $8,000).  I was really inspired to create her after spending time in the beautiful surroundings of Winstar Farm in Lexington, KY and seeing the horses running on the training track.

I like the idea of contrast in this piece.  Though bronze and crystal, are both born of fire, the crystal ultimately looks
like ice.  Thoroughbreds are “hot bloods” and the fastest horses on earth, yet so fragile looking on those tiny legs and hooves.  
It must be a real thrill as a jockey to be mounted high on the back of such an animal and running at those speeds.  From my
own experience galloping my horse, it is a feeling of flight, knowing there are moments in the gallop when all four feet are off 
the ground and you are suspended in air along with the horse flying across the countryside.  I wanted to capture the feeling of a hot blooded 
horse at full gallop across the ice, melting it in her wake.

Shown at the American Academy of Equine Art show 2012, At the Spindletop during Kentucky Derby week.


Little Sentinel  
22” x 8”
Edition of 35 ($6,000 stainless and glass combined)

Stainless Steel, life size American Kestrel
also know as a sparrow hawk

Little Sentinel depicts an American Kestrel that is near and dear to my heart.  As a falconer, I was able to rescue
“Cowboy” aka “Little Bird” cat, put him on my licensed foster him over the summer; he was released in late July, and
I’m pleased to see him often and how he’s doing well.  He has quite a personality and still chases rabbits, he thinks he’s 
much larger than he is.

Solid cast glass post





Cliff Dwellers  
22”H x 16”L
Bronze and crystal
Edition of 10

Cliff Dwellers depicts the majestic Peregrine Falcon, whose speed reaches 280 mph as they stoop down the side of a cliff
toward their prey.

— On two year tour with the Society of Animal Artists exhibit that will show in four museums across the U.S.
— Reverse of sculpture is engraved throughout with cave art petroglyphs.


Shayema Rahim

Read Sheyma's
Full Story

Art has always been a part of my life in some form or another. As a young child in Dhaka, Bangladesh, my parents nurtured my raw talent as a singer and painter and encouraged me to take private lessons. 

I continued my journey into the world of art studying at the Zia’s Art Institute in Dhaka and learned to channel my country’s rich culture and traditions through my art. Initially, I worked with oil, acrylics, and pastels, using vivid colors to convey my effervescing personality and passion. To me, painting was a creative outlet and a way to communicate. 

I want my art to inspire, evoke emotions, and open doors to new ideas. I constantly explore the countless colors found in nature and create my own patterns and rhythms that serve as a catalyst of emotions. If my work can stimulate feelings, I can play a small role in the viewer’s personal development and life journey. That is my dream …to use my art and the sensations it evokes to empower woman to rise above victimization and become their own heroines. I want women to find courage, as I have with each stroke of my paintbrush. If my work can achieve this, I have championed a cause and conquered an emotional terrain.


I am a dreamer. Live wire, I am Shayema.​​

Blue Savannah
Size : 24/24 inches

Price : $3,000

New Chapter

Size : 11/18

 Price : $1,600


Size : 11/18

Price : $1,600

Suzannne Dalton

Suzanne Dalton discovered a passion for painting while living as an expat in Paris. She enrolled in an art class with friends while their children were at school and it opened a whole new world.


Suzanne's approach to her landscapes and figure paintings is to find a deeper connection with her subject matter through study and reflection and convey that connection to the viewer. She continually strives to provoke an emotional response to her work. 


Her paintings are influenced by the places she has lived. Raised in Cleveland, Ohio, she has lived in Los Angeles, Milan, Paris and most recently, Dallas. Her paintings are inspired by the various landscapes and local cultures of the places she has called home. She continues to engage in immersive travel to gain fresh perspective and inspiration for her work. 


Beginning in 2019, Suzanne will be partnering with the San Francisco, CA and Saignon, France based artist Andrew Petrov to take artists of all levels painting en plein air in the French and Italian countrysides.



Girl on a Stool

24" x 36"

acrylic on canvas  


Price: $850

Up and Away,

24" x 36"

oil on linen


Price: $850

"Heart of Gold

Oil on Linen

24" x 36"

Price: $850


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Suite 124-478

Dallas, TX 75214

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