Artists 18 and Under

Eva Roe

Eva is currently a junior at Franklin High School in El Paso Texas. She has been elected

to serve as the Senior Class President of the following school year. Throughout the year Eva

participates in a wide variety of clubs including DECA, Newspaper, NSHSS, Student Council

and Rush Soccer Club. She is a dedicated student and artist whose multimedia work has been

featured in local art shows. The majority of Eva’s work is produced through graphite, acrylic

paints, water colors, prism colors, and India inks. She is still unsure of the path she will take in

her far future, however she plans on attending the University of Texas at Austin and majoring in


Julia Cary

"Golden Tears"

Acrylic, 16"x 20"


"Loving Souls"

Sharpie, Acrylic paint, and unblended oil pastels. 18"x 20"



28” x 20”. 

$250  (SOLD)

Julia Cary is a 15 year-old sophomore currently attending Highland Park High School.

She has been an artist for as long as she can remember. Julia has had art pieces

selected to be in the school’s Highlander Art Festival for four consecutive years now.

Along with art, she is on the Highland Park Girls Varsity Golf team, and has been in the

Girl Scouts program since kindergarten.

"Absolute Love"

Acrylic on canvas

24” x 30”

$500 (SOLD)

Isabella (Bella) Baird is a soon-to-be 14-year old, who showed an artistic mind from a young age. She often sees beauty in the ordinary and likes to incorporate her finds in playful sculptures or explores color in her paintings.  Bella is not letting herself be confined by any artistic rules. Her style as a young, developing artist is therefore spontaneous, fresh and playful. Bella is an 8th grader at the Winston School and enjoys creating art whenever she can in her free time.

Bella Baird


20” x 18”
Acrylic on canvas
$80 (SOLD)

Aleksandr Stotland is 8 years old and attends the 3rd grade at Parish Episcopal School. Aleksandr describes himself as creative and he likes experimenting with different art. He also has a heart for the community.  Inspired by his Kindergarten teacher, Lesley Armstrong, he likes to help the environment by cleaning up litter in the community.  His favorite subjects are reading, math and STEM.  He also likes golf and playing with his Legos.  


Aleksandr wants to be an FBI agent when he grows up.

Aleksandr Stotland

 “Four Pink Moons”
Acrylic on board,  22” x 17”
$375 framed

 “Rainbow Nights”
Acrylic on canvas,  13” x 15”
$125 framed

 “The Galaxy”
Acrylic on paper,  25” x 30”
$425 framed


Emmalee is an 18 year old senior at Flower Mound High School who’s always been interested in the arts. She is a writer, self-proclaimed philosopher, designer, marketer, and fine artist who focuses much of her energy in visual communication and graphic design. She is currently taking her practicum graphic design course where she was selected to be Creative Director for the school district's technology campus. She’s also involved in special projects for Lewisville Independent School District clients including branding, packaging and logo design for their STEM summer program. In her free time Emmalee expresses herself through digital portraiture. Her self-portrait series “Girl Interrupted” is influenced by her personal journey. She has done several commissioned portraits for social media accounts, friends, and family.

16" x 20" Digital Print on traditional wrapped canvas.

16" x 20" Digital Print on traditional wrapped canvas.

 “How low can I go”
16" x 20" Digital Print on traditional wrapped canvas.

Emmalee will also do commissioned portraits.

Commissioned portraits:

$100-low resolution digital file suitable for social media & personal use

$350 16” x 20” Digital print on traditional wrapped canvas.

Commissioned pieces are custom for each client including their interests and color scheme choices, etc. Level of detail may vary depending on the nature of the subject but Emmalee loves to put in details to make it really personal. Commissions will be delivered in approximately 2-4 weeks. 


Examples below.


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