It started and continues with a dream.


The strength of self-esteem. The power of expression. The beauty of love.  And the freedom to magnify all three. This is FLITE’s mantra. Its spirit. Its dream.


The dream was birthed from the founders’ belief that everyone has special gifts and talents uniquely their own. Life experiences for many individuals, though, can be immensely painful and imprisoning. 


Like a butterfly, a person’s gifts are waiting to emerge from cocoons and be nurtured. Once they are developed to their maximum potential, they have the power to reach beyond ourselves, across any border, and understood by any language, truly touching the lives of others.


Underlying FLITE’s dream is that everyone deserves happiness and personal freedom regardless of age, gender, or nationality. Art is a medium that provides individuals the opportunity to reflect, build self-esteem, and interpret their unique stories. The organization’s founders searched for a way to inspire and help others realize their dreams. Artistry and freedom. For the artist and the recipient.

FLITE to Freedom was thus born in 2015. The butterflies are being created. The dream forever resonates. 


What is FLITE to Freedom?

FLITE to Freedom is a charitable and collaborative organization that bridges the gifts and inspirational power of artistic expression to empower those seeking freedom from physical and emotional oppression. 


FLITE’s mission is three-fold:


  • Identify and gather the “butterflies” of artists to showcase their talents in the community;

  • Use art as the medium to reach and empower enslaved, unfairly encumbered, or socially excluded people; and,

  • Raise awareness, expand knowledge, and evoke action for FLITE’s programs via fundraising efforts


How we serve:


Our Artist Community:


The power of personal freedom. FLITE embraces a community of artists who use their unique creative gifts to impact viewers and recipients of their artwork. Simultaneously, the artists help to raise funds to empower victims of abuse and oppression.

Each year FLITE welcomes new artists in any medium, painting, sculpting, photography, to join their community and contribute their respective artistic expressions to inspire and heal others. FLITE’s board of directors reviews each submission for free. Artists have the opportunity to submit pieces specifically made for FLITE to sell on its online art gallery throughout the year along with donating at least one piece of art for FLITE’s annual art auction and fundraiser per year. (See submission information here)


Our Partnerships:


FLITE collaborates with various organizations whose missions align with our strategy and we finance their projects focused on the empowerment of people in need around the globe.  


FLITE supports one or more charities per year that align with our mission. In 2015, our inaugural year, FLITE supported Operation Mobilization, designating funds to their program working to free enslaved Dalit women and children in India. In 2016, FLITE partnered with Dallas Mosaic Family Services that provides culturally and linguistically competent services to refugees and immigrants in crisis. 


At FLITE’s annual fundraiser, the organization honors the amazing efforts of the charities it supports for the given year. 



Our board:


FLITE to Freedom’s board of directors represents exemplary leaders from various disciplines in the Dallas Fort Worth community. The board’s philosophy underlies that of FLITE to Freedom’s mission: Be drivers to foster passion, commitment, and the belief for everyone to realize their hopes and dreams to achieve true social justice. 

More information on our board of directors here.


FLITE’s mission is to inspire and channel the hopes and dreams of others around us by harnessing the power of artistic expression and using it to empower enslaved, unfairly encumbered, or socially excluded people.  Art is FLITE’s essential vehicle to raise funds, awareness, and action for the social transformation and human development of those in need.


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